Chad, Kristen & Tricia

With 20 years of sales experience, Chad always puts his clients first. Communicating openly and honestly has led him to success. Buying a home will be one of the biggest purchases and decisions you have to make. He will be your personal guide to help navigate through the entire process. Having a passion for real estate as his job and hobby allows him to be an expert for the Bay Area market.

Prior to Kristen’s career in the “resell” market, she has eight years of sales experience in the new home construction industry. During those years, Kristen oversaw approximately 500 successfully closed transactions all over the Silicon Valley as well as Santa Cruz and Marin Counties. Working for a new home builder helped hone her customer relationship skills, general knowledge of home construction, and sharpened her comprehension of the escrow process. Kristen left the new home industry and began her career in the resell market in 2012. Since then, she has successfully closed well over 200 transactions and nearly $300 million in sales. Kristen has represented both buyers and sellers during our fast paced and often very aggressive market conditions with a nearly perfect customer satisfaction rating. She is quick to laugh, and maintains a sense of humor as well as patience in some of the most difficult situations—all while delivering excellence to her clients.

Tricia is a California native and has lived in San Jose all of her life. This gives her a thorough knowledge of Bay Area homes and neighborhoods. As she transitioned into real estate, she has gained experience in both new home sales and resale. In her real estate career, as well as each position she has held over the years, she has placed heavy emphasis on customer service.

Tricia’s primary goal is to make sure you have a smooth buying or selling experience. She will listen carefully to your desires, needs, and concerns and support you through all stages of the transaction. She is dedicated to helping you obtain your desired goal and she will do so with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Another main goal of Tricia is to provide you with an experience that is so satisfying that you will refer her to your friends and be a client of her for life. Her passion for helping people makes her a great advocate for you. She promises to always keep your best interest at heart.

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